Glasgow as a National Park City


On a collaborative project, we were asked by the John Mur Trust and the Volunteer Conservationists to create a proposal for Glasgow as a National Park City. This initiative has already been set up in London very successfully with their team stating that London is set to become the world’s first official national park city.


For our own proposal, we wanted to explore what our relationship is and can be with the ecology of a city, the potentials of improving access and biodiversity, so the citizens of Glasgow can develop a better relationship with their surrounding ecology.


Through engagements and research, we put together a set of principles for Glasgow as an NPC to follow, also developing a detailed timeline in which the people involved could follow. 


To conclude this project we facilitated an initial event advertising the idea on Glasgow as a National Park City along with the people from the John Mur Trust and the Volunteer Conservationists. Where we had a number of roundtable discussions, focusing on the different principles we had been developing through the duration of this project.