Caroline Elizabeth May is an illustrator based in South London. Although leaving the Cumbrian countryside in which she grew up over six years ago, her work is shaped by the unique setting. 

Nature and the environment have always been my main source of inspiration, this has been influenced by growing up in the Cumbrian countryside and being surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes.





Horatio's Garden Residency - Horatio's Garden, Glasgow, September 2019 

Possibilities - Garment Factory, Glasgow, September 2018

New Designers - Business Design Centre, London, July 2017

Canopy: Manchester - Manchester Museum, Manchester, April 2017



Horatio's Garden Late Summer 2019 - Glasgow, 8 weeks 

Horatio's Garden Summer 2018 - Stoke Mandeville, 6 weeks




Horatio's Garden 

Creative Review

Manchester City of Trees: Canopy Manchester