Water Narratives


Building sustainable relationships through the topic of water in Scotland.


There is an abundance of water in Scotland, it's one of the highest qualities in the world and is an essential ingredient for all life. It's a vital part of the nations natural capital that underpins everything we do, our economy, environment, health and wellbeing. Water is and has been a key contributor to the success of Scotland national heritage.​


Through the research stage of this project, I came across many topics that relate to the theme for World Water Day 2018, which was ‘Nature is the Answer’. It has been shown that many nature-based solutions can help towards the fight against climate change, water is a facilitator of many of these solutions. This sparked many new developments in my project, where I saw many opportunities to link these solutions with the topic of water. I have discovered that there is a need for building sustainable relationships between people and the topic of water in Scotland. Whilst engaging with participants thought this project I found that many people in Scotland are unaware of Scotland as a Hydro Nation and the benefits Scotland's water brings to them and to the environment, so there is the opportunity to bridge the gap, make the unaware more conscious, highlight the importance of water to the nation and how it can be a big part of nature-based solutions in the fight against climate change. Which would result in the nation building a more sustainable identity, with the potential to attract people to Scotland with the focus of water? Finding ways in which we could connect people to the topic of water along with promoting nature-based solution projects with the support of companies from the water and environmental sectors has been a big focus throughout the duration of the project.


Research and engagements resulted in the creation of a campaign with the aim to collect as many narratives on the topic of water in Scotland. This campaign is aiming to engage anyone from the general public to projects and companies, all they have to do to be involved is have something to say about water. It is a way of sharing water-themed narratives around Scotland which would spark curiosity on the topics, building connections and engaging a diverse demographic, which can be shared through different communication mediums.

This campaign would result in bringing awareness and building inclusive sustainable relationships for the benefit of Scotland as a Hydro Nation, along with the people and environment who live and flourish here, bringing major social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits for Scotland.